Top 5 insights to boost your hotel loyalty scheme acquisition

How much do you know about your customers when they book to stay at your hotel? I’m guessing that, until they create an account that it’s probably very little. And even after their stay, you might only know the location they chose, the type of room, who they stayed with, what kind of spending habits they displayed, maybe a glimpse of their hobbies, and – if you are lucky – a review after they’ve left. Re-marketing based on this insight can work to some extent, but it really doesn’t tell you much about your customers or what they want from a stay with you. If you are really looking to increase re-booking rates, and to boost loyalty scheme acquisition, you need to dig a bit deeper...

What you really need for effective, true personalisation is a complete profile of your customer including their interests and hobbies, their travel habits, the types of holidays they like, the locations they frequent, the people they travel with, their life events and their personality, just to name a few.

When it comes to identifying opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell (or just for adding a personal touch), it’s not enough to know that Alex is booking a deluxe family suite for him, his wife and his 12-year-old son at your seaside resort. It is far more telling for any business to know that this trip is an anniversary celebration, his wife is vegetarian and his son allergic to nuts, they enjoy activities like paddleboarding and water-skiing, and he is the CEO of a company meaning that he will probably require business features like WiFi and desk space in case something comes up.

Let's go through the top 5 insights to boost loyalty scheme acquisition

1. Lifestyle Demographics

Who are your customers and what kind of life do they lead? Yes the basic demographics are important like where they live and are travelling from and their family. But don't forget about other key aspects of their lifestyle: are they vegan or gluten-free?; are they after luxury or budget?; What is their career and will they likely need to work from the hotel? All of these can help you determine what aspects of your destination might appeal most to them and tailor your marketing accordingly.

2. Travel Habits

What are their existing travel habits? Are they frequently visiting certain places? Is it mostly for business or pleasure? Do they frequent seaside resorts or do they prefer city breaks? Is there a certain time of year they usually go away? These insights are not only vital for understanding the time of trip they might want but also for getting your timing spot-on.

3. Life Events & Occasions

Aside from regular trips and patterns in their travel habits, your customers also have many reasons to celebrate, opening up numerous opportunities to market your hotel as the ideal location for both repeating events (such as birthdays and anniversaries) and one-off occasions (like a honeymoon, a stag/hen do, or a graduation).

4. Interests & Hobbies

Consumer interests and hobbies also hold key to what kind of break might appeal most to them. Are they fitness advocates that require a hotel gym? Do they love golf? Are they foodies?

5. Personality Type

Finally, what kind of messaging resonates with your customers? Are they extraverts that respond best to emphasis on social aspects of a trip? Or are they more concerned about peace & quiet?

So now we've gone through our top 5 insights to boost loyalty scheme acquisition for your hotel, but how can you identify these aspects of your customers without asking them to fill out lengthy forms?

The answer comes in the form of big data and text analytics. With solutions such as PROFILE, you can connect to and analyse your customers’ digital footprints and derive insights to fill in the gaps in your customers’ journey from booking to staying, to post-stay marketing.

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Author Phillip Gbormittah