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A variety of products to suit your every need

We know one size rarely fits all, so we have created a variety of solutions suited to different business requirements and goals. Explore our products below to see how we can help you to acquire more customers, reduce fraud, drastically boost your ROI, and much more.


PROFILE - Know your customer

In-depth consumer profiling

PROFILE is a multilingual, multi-sector tool which delivers in-depth insights into individual consumers through advanced text analytics, turning unstructured digital data into a robust information source to enhance your decision-making across multiple sectors and industries, including:

  • identity and age verification;
  • fraud detection;
  • customer acquisition;
  • personalisation;
  • text analysis.

Learn more about the different elements and benefits of PROFILE below.


Discovery - Audiences defined

Define audiences & validate contact information

Discovery is a multi-faceted solution which can be applied in different ways depending on your goal. Validate active contact points, identify social handles for existing contacts,  or conduct advanced audience analysis to:

  • prioritise contact lists;
  • discover new channels for engagement;
  • segment and target audiences;
  • boost brand engagement;
  • analyse competitors' followers.

Learn more about the different elements and benefits of Discovery below.


Fraud Web- Check, verify, prevent

Detect & reduce fraud

Fraud Web is a consumer data protection software which helps to detect and prevent potential fraud with email and phone number validation as well as risk alerts into the likelihood that your consumers’ data is available on the dark web. With Fraud Web, you can:

  • validate mobile numbers & email addresses;
  • identify risk of identity theft/fraud connected to your customers’ data;
  • run PEPs & sanctions checks.

Learn more about the different elements and benefits of Fraud Web below.


Online Them

Our white label offerings 

At Hello Soda we have consumer products to offer as a white labelled solution to your company.

Our products Online Them and The Online Me are both powered by our advanced analytics engine PROFILE but boast different practical applications available to white label on request.

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Right this way.

At Hello Soda we understand that every business is different. Simply request a demo to allow one of our big data and text analytics experts to walk you through the various solutions we can provide.