The Online Me

Are you aware of how you’re being viewed online?


Over 90% of employers vet a candidate's social media profiles before making a hiring decision

Social media is no longer simply for communicating with friends. Your online reputation across your social networks is now a crucial aspect to your applications, alongside your CV and cover letter. Every time you make a submission for a loan, a house, or a job, someone is vetting your social profiles, so is it worth risking negative content that could paint you in a bad light?


What is your social media saying about you?

In our technological world, the Internet acts as a vehicle for any of your wrong doings. By projecting them to the entire world the second you or your friends click “submit” on a post, your mistakes are published within the public domain at the touch of a button. Companies across all industries are continuing to utilise social media and draw upon your online information to make (often incorrect) assumptions about you. 


Effectively manage your online reputation

The Online Me gives you an insight into the depth of data available about you as well as your predicted personality, likes, hobbies, and most used words. You can then use this report to manipulate your online profiles to project the image that you want, preventing social media from hindering your applications. The inappropriate page you liked at 14? The 'joke' post that your friend made on your behalf? They all count. It's time to ensure that your online reputation and image is a positive one, and to use social media to your advantage.



In-depth analysis of your entire social media history

Our user friendly report provides you with key insights into your various social media accounts using our unique data analysis techniques.


Is the personality that your portray online truly representative of you?

Our psychometric test explores your interests, values and overall character in order to gain a true understanding of you as an individual. The Online Me will then compare your results with your report, providing you with insight into whether your online and offline personas match up.